Miniature Phalaenopsis with Pumpkin Beth

July 22, 2023

I am pleased to introduce Pumpkin Beth – She is a gardener and a gardening author who is also the owner of the national collection of miniature species of Phalaenopsis. In this guest post, she presents her collection, shares some tips for taking care of Phalaenopsis and highlights some of the Orchids in her collection. Read more about Beth here and explore her website, which is full of fantastic articles, including a wonderfully detailed article on how she set up an Orchidarium. (Click on the smaller images below and you will be able to see a larger version of the image).

The genus Phalaenopsis has much more to offer than the Phalaenopsis plants that you buy in your local supermarket. There are about 60 different species of wild Phalaenopsis, from which all the hybrid Phalaenopsis plants that we know and love descend. These wild orchid species grow in various places, including Myanmar, India, Java, Borneo, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Himalayas and the Philippines. Unfortunately, natural wild Phalaenopsis species, like so many orchid species, have become rare due to over-collection and habitat loss due to deforestation, human expansion and destruction.

Many wild species of Phalaenopsis can be more difficult to grow because they have adapted to the specific conditions of each of their natural environments, while modern hybrid varieties of Phalaenopsis found in orchid nurseries, supermarkets and garden centers are more resistant and more forgiving because they have been specially bred for many years to thrive

These Phalaenopsis hybrid plants have been selected to bloom frequently and for long periods of time, even in a less than perfect environment. If you want to buy British plants and support British nurseries, you can now buy Phalaenopsis plants grown by the British nursery Double H Nurseries, whose orchid plants are now available in many leading supermarkets.

Most Phalaenopsis hybrid plants purchased at garden centers, supermarkets or orchid nurseries are a great purchase! These plants thrive in our homes on windowsills protected from bright, direct sunlight – a bathroom windowsill in front of a frosted glass window is ideal because the leaves and flowers of the orchid are not burned by sunlight. Avoid growing Phalaenopsis plants over a radiator, as your plants will not thank you if you grow them too close to a heat source and remove them.

These Phalaenopsis hybrids can bloom for several months, they don’t just bloom in the spring like many wild forms; Phalaenopsis hybrids can bloom repeatedly throughout the year, and in fact, some plants can bloom continuously for a year.

I am very interested in plant protection, so I always knew that I wanted to create at least a national collection of plants. At home, I grow a wide variety of indoor plants and terrariums that delight me every day! I became interested in terrariums when I was a child and my interest in this breeding method has never diminished.

I test both terrarium plants and terrariums and I put the results of several of my attempts on my website . I decided to create a national collection of miniature species of Phalaenopsis, because I really like the genus Phalaenopsis and I was aware that many natural species of Phalaenopsis are increasingly rare in their natural environment. I hoped that by showing my readers the natural species of Phalaenopsis hybrids that they know so well, I could develop a deeper love for wild plants and highlight and raise awareness of the browbeat that we ourselves have become to many wild plants and particular environments.

My goal was to develop a deeper love and protection for these wild plants and their growing environments. I hope to help my readers grow all their indoor plants in the best conditions so that they can have the best chance of success and avoid the mistakes that I have made myself–by showing my own mistakes in detail. I hope to help my readers find the best plants for their decor, whatever their indoor space.

Here are some orchid species from my national collection Of miniature Phalaenopsis species:

Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis parishii is a species of miniature epiphytic orchid named after Samuel Bonsall Parish, a Californian botanist who has built up a large collection of plants from Myanmar.

In the homeland of this miniature orchid – in Myanmar, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the eastern Himalayas – P. parishii grows up to 500 m above sea level, where this charming little orchid grows on moss-laden trees, on branches cascading over streams and rivers, or on trees with moss-laden branches, on branches cascading over streams and rivers, or on trees with moss-laden branches

In nature, P. parishii is a deciduous orchid, although cultivated plants usually retain their leaves all year round. So if your plant loses all its leaves, hope is not lost – your plant could recover!

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